The 10 Series

The foundation of Structural Integration is a standardized “recipe” known as the 10 Series. The goal is to systematically balance and optimize both the structure (shape) and function (movement) of your entire body over the course of ten sessions. They illustrate the universal principles which every body is built around.

Session 1 - 3: Superficial Layers

Session One: Space, Breath and Inspiration

This first session focuses on creating more space for all of the body. This frees the lungs to allow deep refreshing breathing and eases movement of the shoulders and hips. This is accomplished by organising the superficial tissue around the ribcage, arms, shoulder and hips.

“I need breathing space!”   “I need some inspiration!”   “Like a breath of fresh air!”

 Session Two: Footwork, Stability and Understanding

Next we provide a competent foundation for the body and add length to the back. The structures of the feet and lower legs are freed and aligned to better support the body in gravity.

"I want to stay grounded!"  "I need a firm footing"  "I want to be understood!"

Session Three: The Sides, Reaching out, Giving and Receiving

Now we work on the sides of your body to separate the front of the body from the back. Keeping a balance between giving and receiving. In this session we do further work on the shoulder and pelvic girdles to allow them greater freedom and independence.

“I want to move forwards!”  “I want to put my past behind me”   “I need to be comfortable to reach out!” 

 Session 4 - 7: Deeper Layers

Session Four: Inner legs, Support and Surrender

Here we work on the inside of the legs to bring balance to the centre of the body through correct relationship of the feet, legs and hips, giving support to the hips and the spine.

"I haven't a leg to stand on !" "I went weak at the knees!"  "Feeling supported relaxes me"

Session Five: Abdominal and Gut Feelings

In this session we separate and balance the superficial and deep structures of the abdomen to allow length and lift through the centre of the body. Organises correct function of abdominal muscles while relaxing stomach and guts.

"I've got a gut feeling about this!"  "I feel sick to my stomach!"  "I've got butterflies in my tummy!"

 Session Six: Hips, Lower Spine and Holding Back

In this session we work to lengthen the deep muscles of the lower back and hips, matching the freedom gained from session five. This allows the pelvis to "breathe" and liberates the lower back. Frees body for spontaneous reactions without needing to hold back.

"I need you to back off!"   "I feel something holding me back back!"   "I feel free to respond safely!"

 Session Seven: Neck, Skull and Keeping Your Head

Now with a balanced body beneath them, we can relax the neck and head. We encourage the cranium to open and balance on the spine without constriction, to establish a "breathing" cranium to match the "breathing" pelvis. Thoughts flow evenly from the head when it can sense a balanced body.

"It's a pain in the neck!"  "It makes my head swim!"  "I think I'm going to blow my top!"

Session 8 - 10: Integration and Overall Function

Session Eight: Lower Body Integration, Support, Caring and Grounding

For around 90% of us, session eight will focus on the lower body. Throughout the session. movement cues help to integrate the movement of the legs towards the core structures. This blends the functioning of effortless movements with a greater sense of security.

 "I know where I stand now!"  "I can feel how to move forward!"  "I feel secure I can do this"

 Session Nine: Upper Body Integration, Production and Purpose

In the upper body session, we aim to balance the shoulder girdle and relate it to the body core. Movement cues will be used to connect the shoulders and arms to the core spine for greater strength and support, and acting more purposefully.

 "I can make things happen now!"  "I can express myself openly!"  "I can feel my needs being listened to"

 Session Ten: Whole Body Integration and Experience

In this session we connect, relate and balance all that is now available through the work of the preceding nine sessions. The major aims of the tenth session are to establish easy functioning of the major joints of the body, to reinforce their integration and to show the awareness of the body as a whole entity.

 "I just lost myself in the moment!"  "I feel out of this world!"  "I can enjoy being me!"

The end of the sessions are not the end of the changes you will experience

Here I would like to remind you that the 10 series is a process and the end of the tenth session does not indicate the end of the changes your body will experience.  Like a ball keeps rolling down a slope, your body will keep adjusting and improving as it “rolls” by itself. It will even be able to roll over previously hidden obstructions it may meet on the way. 

The tenth session is not the end of the process either.  Further sessions can be used later when you think your body has finished adjusting by itself, the “ball has rolled to a standstill”. We assess where you are at that time, and where you feel you are ready to improve further, and we look for “another slope to roll you down!”

Enjoy the ride.