Hello, I'm Darren Harris. My goal is to help you become pain free and have better control over how your body moves.

No more frustration of trying dozens or different treatments. Let's eliminate your aches and pains forever.

Most of us have experienced the frustration of trying treatment after treatment, therapist after therapist, only for nothing to happen or at best “keeping at bay”, only for it to return, once again, at a later date.

My approach, using Structural Integration and/or Sports Massage works by integrating the body to work as a whole.

Move with greater ease and regain much of the youthful flexibility you thought you had lost forever.

I spent the early part of my career working as a sports fitness coach and personal trainer. My job then was to help people use fitness to deliver peak performance.

Now, I spend my time helping people who are in pain, or who cannot move as well as they want to. Anyone, of any age, size or fitness level will benefit from Structural Integration, sports massage or somatic exercises.

Structural Integration gets your body back into alignment.

Structural Integration gets your body back into alignment.

Sports Massage for peak performance

Sports Massage for peak performance

Somatic exercise keeps your body moving and pain free .

Somatic exercise keeps your body moving and pain free.

Structural Integration (Rolfing)

Structural Integration manipulates your body's soft and fascia tissue. Every aspect of your body's posture is evaluated for old injuries, accidents and postural habits. Over a course of 10 treatments your body can be restored to give you much of the youthful mobility and poise you thought you had lost forever.


  • Feel taller
  • Stand straighter
  • Feel more energetic
  • Stand, move or sit with greater comfort
  • Enjoy a renewed sense of wellbeing

Sports Massage treatments

Sports massage is great treatment for treating common muscular ailments. It can be used to relax the muscles in general, or it can treat specific problems such as repetitive strain injuries (RSI). It's also an excellent treatment for sports performance. As well as treating problems, it can be used to help keep you in tip top shape.


  • Releases muscular tension
  • Reduces swelling and pain from exercise injuries
  • Improves flexibility and range of motion
  • Increases lymph and blood circulation
  • Reduces tension and anxiety

Somatic Movement Therapy

This is a gentle and safe movement therapy to help anyone in chronic pain. It works by re-programming your brain through sensory motor awareness of habitual tensions. It can help you increase movement and flexibility, and in many cases chronic pain is reduced or completely eliminated.


  • Release and reverse neuromuscular pain
  • Improve mobility, strength and co-ordination
  • Greater physical independence.
  • Freedom of movement
  • Provides an easy and common sense alternative to drugs and surgery.