Utterly charming compilation illustrating how a baby naturally explores and discovers movement spontaneously

Feldenkrais teacher Ruthy Alon with a beautiful display of "Movement Nature Meant"
Part 1: demonstrating patterns in gravity, first in lying, then moving into sitting
Part 2: now exploring how forward folding shifts to extending into backward bending 
Part 3: this segment develops into crawling patterns and an undulating "swimming" spine
Part 4: now in creeping exploration of shifting body weight and easy movement of the entire structure, and beyond, expanding into new territories 
Avant-garde yet fascinating performance of how movement evolves from embroynic pulsation through to walking (and past it's prime to hurrying!)
Here's the rest...how's the didgeridoo for you?
Dr. Ida Rolf herself in action. Excuse the quality, it was the 70's!