What is structural integration?

Structural Integration is a therapy of touch which allows your body to regain its natural shape and structure. This allows a return to postural efficiency, ease of movement, and increased function to all bodily systems.

Your body can work better

It is a process of learning how your body can work better than it currently does. Each session assesses and addresses a specific function or ability of your body. It builds into a 10 session series, designed to finish with the body well balanced, regularly organised and feeling fully connected.

When a body is balanced and organised it moves with greater ease. It requires less energy to function. Good posture is effortless and breathing is easier. The body becomes more flexible, more coordinated and athletic performance improves.

Body DIY

Structural Integration recognises that the body is a seamless web of connected tissues. No body part or tissue can exist in isolation, everything is connected to and affected by everything else.

Imagine your house is subsiding and your doors no longer shut properly, you have a choice between continually fiddling with the door to fit the changing surroundings, or you could stop your house from collapsing. The first approach will solve the problem temporarily, but you'll have to do more and more work as the structure continues to collapse.

A permanent solution

 It is the same with your body. The misalignment of any body part causes pain, and other symptoms will inevitably increase with gravity’s ever present downward force.  It isn’t enough just to relieve the most painful or troubled area, as it will return at the same location or the next “weak link in the chain”. Instead, to solve the problem permanently, the entire structure has to be rebalanced from its foundations. 

This is the precise intention of Structural Integration.

“Like with bandages, you’ve got to start where you can unwind the trouble” Ida Rolf
— Ida Rolf, Pioneer of Structural Integration (Rolfing)